Asylum Straight Jacket 50×5




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The Asylum Straight Jacket – There’s a new admission to the psycho ward. Recently receiving an epic 90-rating from Cigar Aficionado magazine in the October 2014 issue!
Coming off a strong year, Asylum cigars have introduced their new baby to the lineup that includes The Ogre, The Schizo, and The Asylum originals. The Straight Jacket is the newest patient added to the ward of psychopaths at the Asylum House (El Aldino Factory in Honduras). This guy is certainly a chip off the old block if you ask us. Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees would agree, they don’t want to mess with this psycho.  Asylum has a knack for creating some of the most interesting and ‘Out-There’ style cigars. The Asylum Straight Jacket is no exception to the bunch. The feel to this barrel is an even solid to soft ratio, not packed too hard, and not packed too little. The band on this wild child is fitting to its name, it’s exactly what you would picture when you hear the words ‘Straight Jacket’. It sports vibrant red colors along the edges with a straight jacket embossed across the front of the band. It keeps the cigar at bay, but not for long, plus don’t let the jacket fool you……the shoulder spikes should also give fair warning that this is a cigar not to be trifled with lightly. Once you decide to let one of these bad boys out of the padded cell, the aromas begin to fill the air. Cocoa, zesty lemon, spices, and fresh bread come to mind immediately. Light this sucker up and you’ll get the soft side of the psycho, so take advantage. A fruity blend and creamy taste fill the palate, with hints of rich mousse at every corner. It’s the perfect blend of anarchy and discipline.
Each of the Asylum Straight Jacket bundles come in their respective padded cells. It literally looks like a grey cell with a small, rectangular window where the patient stares right back at you as you walk the halls. This isn’t your average smoke. But average isn’t what we were aiming for now was it? Come down to our holding cell and help us put another Asylum Straight Jacket in its place. In your humidor. We’ll provide the materials. If you can’t come by, we’ll make sure the convoy is armed to the teeth and we’ll have them shipped to you promptly. We wouldn’t want these psychos out on the road for long. Things could get ugly!

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