Bourbon Cigar Maker’s Mark 562 Torpedo




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Makers Mark Cigars – Time to kick back and unwind.The perfect combination. That’s a term that’s used loosely and sometimes gets thrown around with cigars to try and make them seem more than what they really are. The truth is, the perfect combination is a rarity. Something that comes along once in a blue, it might not even be the perfect combination, but just something that comes as close as possible. Therefore once you have it, you better hold on tight. We at Mike’s Cigars are proud to bring you a combination that we know you’ll sit back and enjoy for years to come. Maker’s Mark: A unique and perfectly combined cigar for that special smoking experience. Maker’s Mark has sought out only the finest ingredients to make up this one of a kind cigar. The long-leaf tobacco filler is grown in the rich soils of the Dominican Republic. These rich tobaccos are then brought together using a Sumatra wrapper. But here’s the kicker, they are all infused with Maker’s Mark genuine bourbon. This fusion brings together the best of both worlds to bring any cigar connoisseurs palate an explosion of taste and quality unlike any they’ve ever had. Delightful hints of sweetness and cedar come together along with natural tobacco tastes to bring give you a draw that’s unmatched. You’ll soon know why Maker’s Mark is a fan favorite.Maker’s Mark didn’t stop there, they encased all these perfect cigars in a glass crystal, and then each crystal tube is hand-dipped in Maker’s Mark signature red wax, just like the bottle of bourbon. Now your cigars are not only encased in a unique crystal tube, they are sealed air tight. Once dipped and sealed, no humidification is required. Whether you’re traveling abroad, going on a camping trip with the fellas, or hitting some links on the golf course, any excursion is perfect for the Maker’s Mark cigar. It will stay fresh and taste great throughout the day. Don’t be left out of the game without one of these fine Maker’s Mark cigars at your side. Maker’s Mark Cigars – The perfect combination.

We highly recommend the extra special Makers Mark 10th Anniversary edition, in addition, we also stand behind the very tasty 538, 562, 650 and Makers Mark Cigarillos. Cheers!

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