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La Unica Natural & Maduro – a timeless collaboration.If you had to choose between a Natural & Maduro Unica cigars, which one would you prefer? Couldn’t answer that question? Good. Because neither can we here at Mike’s Cigars. This is why we bring you both variations of this handsome cigar from a premium cigar company like La Unica. They have been and continue to be an established name and have a long reputation for excellence in every cigar they make. Twenty years ago, J.C. Newman Cigar patriarch Stanford Newman challenged his good friend Carlos Fuente, Sr. to make a rich, flavorful, great tasting premium cigar, and then package it in an inexpensive cellophane bundle, unlike traditional cigars that come in expensive wooden coffins or some other type of encasing. Until this challenge was brought up, most cigar companies only sold their products in wooden cases, only their ‘seconds’ or ‘thirds’ cigars were then bundled into a cellophane wrapper and sold as bulk. Therefore the customer never really got a quality cigar unless they bought the ones that came packaged in their wooden cases. Then something changed, La Unica began to produce the Natural & Maduro. To make things even more interesting, they began shipping them in cellophane wrappers, not in traditional boxes like before. So now a great they have a great tasting, quality cigar at a fraction of the cost. They created a combination of Cuban seed Dominican long filler tobaccos which have been specially aged for maximum flavor and smoothness. This combination is brought together with the skillfully hand-rolled delicate Connecticut shade (Light Natural) wrapper or a dark rich (Maduro) Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, giving this cigar a smooth mild flavored variety of tastes for any cigar aficionados’ palate. The tastes that come out of these cigars is second to none. A well balanced cigar with an earthy character, it’s got sweet, spice, and even nutmeg flavors that come through with every draw with subtle hints of cocoa bean that accompany the sweet aroma of this premium cigar. This makes La Unica Natural & Maduro an overall nutty and creamy herbal cigar to enjoy. La Unica Natural & Maduro are smooth enough for an everyday smoke but far from your ordinary cigar. These handmade beauties are a fine addition to any cigar aficionados’ repertoire. Don’t be left out and pick up a pack today at Mike’s Cigars, or order online for fast, prompt shipping and delivery! La Unica – timeless quality in an unconventional form.

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