Liga Privada T52 Coronets




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In the Cigar world, attaching the word Private Blend to a cigar line is an indication that the smoke is truly something special. Liga Privada translates to “Private Stock”, and Drew Estate’s Liga Privada T52 Cigars smack of a stogie that was carefully cultivated for a personal collection.
As a follow up to their immensely popular Liga Privada No 9, the T52 is a limited release cigar that does not fail to impress. You can see how important details were in the creation of the T52 Cigar. From the band to the box, everything is fine tuned to be the very best it can be, with a very subtle and classy approach.
Don’t let the cigars simple appearance fool you, the T52 packs some immense flavors in its refined body. With a level of complexity one would expect from a Drew Estate Cigar, this Liga Privada takes your taste buds on a journey with blends that are a true work of art.
A testament to patience and hard work, the Liga T52 goes through a lengthy process in its creation. In addition to the 2 years spent on creating the blend in this beauty, the tobaccos are carefully aged until they are just right, and are aged again after the cigar is rolled, letting the blend mesh together to create a harmonious balance of flavors that is unlike anything else.
A blend of seven unique tobaccos make up the filler of the Liga Privada T52. With an invigorating pallet that is mature, distinct and loaded with flavorful notes of leather, earth, spices and black pepper, T52 is a truly robust and satisfying smoke. The wrapper is a Connecticut Sungrown Habano, an exquisite stalk-cut wrapper that is a dark, reddish-brown beauty, glistening with oils, with a velvety smooth feel that is something special.
The Liga Privada T52 received a superb 92-rating from Cigar Aficionado in December 2011!

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