Muwat Kentucky Fire Cured Flying Pig



LENGTH: 4 1/8

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Creating the masterpieces that are MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars, is almost exactly like creating properly smoked meats. You plan it out, pick your meat, pick your wood chips, pick a time, get some buddy’s, set up, sit down with some brews and smokes and watch it cook to smoky perfection! Well Drew Estate’s brings that same level of devotion to their Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars!!
These bad boys are packed with flavor! MUWAT KFC achieves this level of flavor using a method of Fire Curing that dates back over 200 years!
What is Fire cured? It is by which they take the tobacco leaves, place them in special climate-controlled barns, hang them over a heavy smoke fire using a variety of wood chips until the tobacco browns and absorbs the smoky flavors of hickory, maple, oak and more!
This process is vastly different then the air curing method used by the rest of the industry. The Kentucky Fire Cured is an extension of the MUWAT line (formerly known as My Uzi Weighs a Ton). Like all other MUWAT lines, Kentucky Fire Cured is rolled in the Joya de Nicaragua factory in Nicaragua. Kentucky Fire Cured cigars are flavor packed, full throttle, really exciting and something you need to try!
Drew Estate isn’t known for making conventional cigars. All of their cigars offer Jonathan Drew’s determination to think outside the box when it comes to producing cigars. This project was born when Drew and Steve Saka put a Kentucky fire-cured leaf over a Liga Privada cigar and saw the potential of the unique leaf.

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