Nat Sherman Metropolitan Host Maduro Hyde




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The Nat Sherman Host – The host of your next smoking party.Throwing a smoking party can be very fun, but also very tedious. You need something to balance it out. In Comes the Nat Sherman Host. No pun intended. This cigar is the perfect balance for any situation. It’s refined and blends well no matter the occasion. You’ll feel right at home no matter where you are with a Nat Sherman Host in your hand. The Nat Sherman Host is comprised of a beautiful Connecticut shade wrapper, brought together with an authentic Honduran binder and also using authentic Honduran fillers. The cigar construction itself is very elegant in design, a light brown color with very little noticeable veins and barely any visible oil on the skin. A firm well rounded cigar all around. Pre Draws of this fine cigar give off notes of nut, hay, and even subtle hints of light vanilla which when combined give off sweetness to the scent unlike any other cigar you’ve had. Give it a quick cold draw and it produces rich flavors of earth, hay and light coffee as well. Light this Nat Sherman Host up and you will begin to notice the spice that comes through with each draw. Subtle but still enough to give a nice kick. Each following draw gives warm creamy notes with a nutty taste. Burns on this stick are near perfect with long ashes. The Nat Sherman Host is a memorable cigar from start to finish. Rich flavors do not fall flat with this premium cigar. First impression can make the difference between a bad party and a great party. Wouldn’t you want this Host to be at your door awaiting your guests? We thought you might. Don’t let your next smoking party go without a great cigar to kick things off. Even if your just enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or sipping on some cognac watching the game, The Nat Sherman Host is the cigar for you.Pick yours up today at Mike’s Cigars, we guarantee you’ll be pleased!

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