Born Bold, fueled by fire, never comprising. Camacho Cigars are built for the daring. Camacho is rich in Cuban heritage but always looking to the future. The founder himself, Don Simon Camacho, after being exiled from Cuba, dared to found Camacho Cigars in Miami, Florida in 1961.

In a couple of short years became a favorite cigar brand of one of the boldest to have ever lived. The legendary Winston Churchill himself.

In his final years, Churchill had a continuous selection of Camacho Cigars delivered to him to his hospital room. All were sent by boat to further age the cigars. Churchill enjoyed Camacho Cigars so much that he gave them out to friends.

In 1963 at a luncheon at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, he gifted a friend a Camacho cigar. That single stick went on to fetch over $3,000 in 2010 at an auction by Christie’s of London.

By the time the 1990 Cigar Boom came about, Camacho Cigars rested in humidors all across the world. From the executive to the everyday working man, everyone loved Camacho.

With the prominent Eiroa family at the wheel in 1995, production began in Honduras. Where the first Camacho Corojo cigars were developed in the Valle de Jamastrán region. Using seeds that were smuggled out of Cuba during the advent of the Cuban Revolution.

In 2008, Camacho Cigars joined the Oettinger Davidoff Group family of brands. Amid the ranks of Davidoff and Avo Uvezian, Camacho Cigars stands tall as a unique smoke.

Camacho Cigars distinguished itself by being the only high grade tobacco brand to commit to the international standards of innovation and integrity. As set by Bayer Crop Science. The brand continues its legacy of celebrating the Bold.

One of its latest offerings is the Custom Built series. A partnership with select men of grit and integrity that share the spirit of Camacho. Through Custom Built, Camacho hand built the Ditka line in honor of Dallas Cowboys legend “Iron” Mike Ditka. As well as the BG Meyer line for Hollywood writer, director, and producer, Rob Weiss.

Additionally, in celebration of the Founding Fathers of the USA, Camacho Cigars released the Camacho Liberty 2015 line. Released through its Brotherhood Series. As a way to commemorate the level of Boldness, it took to face the world’s largest Navy at the time.

It took guts not only to win, but build the foundation of a nation. A nation greater than any other the world had ever seen. Its success was so overwhelming that this become a yearly tradition. With new Camacho Liberty blends released to celebrate the USA.

For the most daring, however, Camacho Cigars has also recently released the world’s only all-Maduro cigar. The Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar out of its Master Built Series. The Camacho Triple Maduro was featured on Kurt Sutter’s acclaimed television series Sons of Anarchy.

Enjoyed as a gift by a mob boss to Ron Perlman’s character, Clay Morrow, who smoked them regularly. Ron Perlman himself, off screen, kept a personal collection of Camacho Triple Maduros in his humidor.

But the Maduro isn’t the only cigar wrapper that Camacho has reinvented. The Camacho Connecticut manages to combine intense flavors with a smooth profile. The Camacho Corojo blend in particular has received universal acclaim. While the Camacho Corojo Robusto is more popular, the Churchill size received a 94 point rating.

The Camacho Corojo even made it to number five on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 for 2010. The critic complimented its ripe tobacco from the Jamastran Valley of Honduras. Noting it provided the spiced taste of leather, fruit, and earth.

Far from the only Camacho to make the renowned Top 25. The Camacho Nicaragua Robusto also scored a near perfect 94 point rating. Offering the glorious taste of dark chocolate sweetness mixed with vanilla. Underscored by a bit of red and white pepper.

The end result was the cigar reaching the number seventeen spot for 2021. As of writing that is the most recent Camacho blend to reach the Top 25. But it’s an absolute certainty it won’t be the last. Camacho keeps pumping out the hits!

Whatever the line, a Camacho Cigar is an unrivaled experience. A Camacho Cigar is a call to the Bold, the Daring, and those who never compromise. A call among cigar smokers to join the ranks of Churchill, “Iron” Mike Ditka, Weiss, Perlman. Celebrated heroes and icons across the decades.

A Camacho Cigar is to be seen as much as savored. If you are ready to join the ranks, Live Loud with a Camacho Cigar.

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