D’crossier Cigars began in Havana, Cuba, in 1973, with the birth of Isaias Santana Diaz. D’crossier was not yet a brand, not yet a thought, but rather a calling that walked with Isaias throughout his childhood as he grew up hearing the storied exploits of his Great-Grandfather, Don Francisco Crossier.
The stories of love, passion, a voyage across the ocean—they all were beautiful parts of his family legacy, but they truly came to life when he was 17 years old, on the day he found his Great-Grandfather’s diary.
The more Isaias read, the deeper he fell into every word. With each turning of a page his fingertips moved across the well-aged leaves and it was as if he was shaking hands with the author, being led on a journey that led to the discovery of his birthright.
Don Crossier was a French vintner, or winemaker, and in the 1800s he embarked on a journey from France to North America in search of seeds to renew his vineyards. Through the workings of nature and fate, Don Crossier ended up on the balmy shores of Cuba.
The longer he spent there, the more Don Crossier fell in love with the Spanish way of life and the sweet warm breezes of the Caribbean. What Don Crossier raved about most, however, were the uniquely varied and delightful flavors of the “fine Cuban Leaf of Tobacco” and how “the Pinar Del Rio Valley is a giant humidor all by itself.”
Don Crossier loved the island, and saw in it immense opportunity, so he began harvesting Cuban tobacco with every intention of returning to France to pair his winemaking with his newfound passion for cigars. Serendipity once again stepped in, however, and he found love in Cuba, settled in the island with her, and lived the rest of his days in paradise, investing in sugar cane and local real estate, indulging in his passion for Wine, Brandy and Cigars after every meal and late into the night.
Don Crossier met a bitter sweet end, having lived with love, leaving behind an impressive legacy to be shared through the generations—but also leaving his passion for cigars unfulfilled. By the time Isais put the diary down, that same passion burned inside him as he now had a mission to finish what Don Crossier began.
He started by trying to roll his first cigar. He worked carefully, meticulously, and his final product he affectionately dubbed his “imperfect creation.” One draw, and he immediately began to cough up the cigar. He realized the work ahead of him, but vowed to honor the legacy of Don Crossier by “crafting a truly great cigar.”
Isaias moved from Cuba to Sweden and, in 1995, from Sweden to lovely Miami, and began work building a brand Don Crossier would be proud of. He eventually founded his successful fine cigar distribution and manufacturing company, Pure Aroma Cigars Inc., and through that endeavor finally crafted a family of cigars he deemed worthy to carry the hallowed Crossier name, D’crossier.
Crafted with the finest tobacco strains from across the world, blended and hand rolled in Costa Rica, each D’crossier CIGAR is a rich, medium to full bodied smoke that emanates elegance and refinement from the exquisite packaging and finish, to the complex and varied flavors that cannot be described, but rather must be experienced.
Isaias has crafted a family of cigars that any aficionado, and even Don Crossier himself, would be proud to have in their humidors. The D’crossier name is quickly rising from obscurity, and we look forward to the legacy Isaias, Pure Aroma Cigars Inc., and D’Crossier Cigars will leave behind for the generations of cigar aficionados here today, as well as those yet to come.


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