D’Crossier may not be a household name yet in the cigar industry but they are steadily climbing up that later to building a great foundation as a company that releases a distinct and enjoyable cigar. Their next step to stepping into the limelight is the Golden Blend 10 year which is part of an ambitious venture that began in 2013 to create a full flavor cigar using the best tobacco leaves in their possession, forty percent of which was harvested in 2004.
In 2010, The D’Crossier Golden Blend Series was made known with a mild to medium blend of exclusive tobacco aged for seven years with a unique profile and superb aromas. Now, these magnificent cigars feature five traditional vitolas, which features Ecuadorian wrapper, Dominican binder and fillers from Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. While indulging in this cigar, you can taste hints of nuttiess cherry woods, pepper, earthy, and a touch of cinnamon. Properly aged and packaged in boxes of 25 cigars for over a year, these beauties are ready to be release for a profound smoking experience. D’Crossier is the product of Miami-based Pure Aroma Cigars, Inc. a corporation that import and distributes cigars from Costa Rica.

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