Gurkha Grand Reserve Cognac are very unique cigars as they are infused with cognac. One of the first persons known to use cognac to add more flavor to cigars was Winston Churchill. He would take his cigars and dip them in Cognac, Brandy, Scotch, Whiskey, Ports, and Rum. Though criticized for it, his reply was, “it’s my money, my cigars and I could do with them as I damn well please!”
Even though Gurkha is not using the same method as the great Churchill, their inventive method for infusion involves: taking the some of the finest tobaccos grown from the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic and wrapping them inside a Connecticut shade grown wrapper to then infuse the cigar with one the world’s best cognac’s Louis XIII. Once the infusion process is complete, the cigars are hermetically sealed in a crystal tube and covered in a wax lid to allow the cigar to marinate and truly soak up the essence of the Louis XIII Cognac.
This infusion process makes this cigar absolutely bliss! The unique blend of tobacco and enticing aroma, attracts even the most conservative cigar enthusiasts.
Fun Fact: Gurkha Grand Reserve Cognac was the celebratory cigar of choice for Navy Seal Team 6.

Please note: the base pictured is not included. However, it is available for purchase. Once you place any Unit of 30 in your cart, the option to add the base to it will become available (as long as it is in stock)

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