Perdomo cigars are bold and unapologetically some of the best on the market. They are rooted in Cuban tradition and impeccable quality. The Perdomo name has become synonymous with quality.
The Perdomo story starts in Pre-revolution Cuba. Silvio Perdomo learned the craft of cigar making at Cuesta y Cia. His skills gained him employment at the legendary H. Upmann. Afterwards, he earned a managerial position at the famed Partagas factory.
Silvio’s son, Nick Sr., followed Silvio’s footsteps and started working in the cigar industry. Eventually, the father-son team managed the Partagas factory together.
President Batista would often visit their factory to check up on Cuba’s largest export. The Perdomo family was always very opposed to Fidel’s leadership. These combined factors made the Perdomo family one of Fidel’s biggest enemies.
When the revolution started, Silvio was promptly arrested. Nick Sr. became a guerrilla fighter against the revolution and took two bullets to his body. Those bullets are still in his body because he had to be snuck out of the hospital to avoid execution.
By 1976, all the members of the Perdomo family were safe on American soil. Nick Jr. finished high school in Miami, Florida and went on to serve in the U.S. Navy. At age 26, Nick Jr. decided to follow his forefathers and joined the cigar business.
The Perdomo cigar company, formally known as Nick’s Cigar Company, was founded in 1992. The operation started in Nick Jr’s garage. The cigar industry exploded in the 1990’s and it brought a lot of business to the young firm. To keep up with demand Perdomo expanded into Estelí, Nicaragua and Nick Sr. came out of retirement to help run the new factory in Estelí.
The flourishing company made a name for itself during the boom. The Perdomo squared line was one of the first box-pressed cigars on the market.
Perdomo cigars are a high-end brand and use the finest tobacco available. Perdomo does not shy away from placing a higher price on their cigars. The premium top grade tobacco used in their cigars is not easy to get.
A lot of praise surrounds the Perdomo name. Cigar Aficionado has rated numerous Perdomo cigars and many of them are rated 90 or above. Perdomo’s lines offer exquisite taste throughout the strength spectrum, from mild to full.
The Perdomo name has drawn several big industry names to contract them for cigar manufacturing, including C.A.O. The renowned C.A.O. L’Anniversaire line is produced by Perdomo. Several suitors sent in samples to produce the line and Perdomo overwhelming beat out the competition.
For three generations the Perdomo family has been making cigars that are second to none. Nick Jr. can put his money where his mouth is because his cigars are truly as exceptional as he claims them to be. Take it from us, but you would probably enjoy trying one out for yourself more.

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