The year was 1995 and a Los Angeles-based attorney named Rakesh “Rocky” Patel teamed up with Phil Zanghi to start Indian Tabac Cigar Co.

As Patel has told people in dozens of countries around the world, no one thought he would make it. Like so many others that entered the business at the time, “I didn’t really know what I was doing and the cigars had issues.”
But he put in the time and went to Central America to figure out how to make things better. And the cigars got better and the company got bigger.

Eventually, he and Zanghi went their separate ways. Along the way, Rocky Patel would introduce cigars like The Edge and Java. And of course, Decade, Fifteenth Anniversary and Twentieth Anniversary!

It should be of no surprise then, that there is a cigar to celebrate his 25th anniversary in the cigar business.
It’s called Quarter Century, a line of cigats that celebrates Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Co.’s 25 years in business!

The company says the cigars were aged for two years after rolling and 10 years before that.

The folks at Rocky Patel are calling the Quarter Century the “greatest cigar they’ve ever created”, and we’re not arguing!

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