Rocky Patel Cigars are the super premium line of boutique cigars. They have been earning 90+ ratings ever since they hit the market in 1996. With a goal to create “only the best cigars”.

Rocky Patel has quickly gained a revered space in the premium cigar world. Typically medium to full bodied, Rocky Cigars are a whole buffet of tastes in a smooth and robust smoke. Despite being a recent creation, Rocky Patel has become the ultimate boutique cigar brand.

The world of premium cigars is fraught with near mythic tales of revered founders. Along with braving despots, penury, and culture shock for their love of making quality cigars. Rocky Patel, however, did not evade Fidel Castro. Nor did he endure the beginnings of the infamous trade embargo.

What Rocky Patel did is reify the American Dream. Rocky left behind his established legal career to follow his passion for cigars. With his lauded eponymous brand, he brought reinvention and vibrant innovation to the rich tradition of cigar making.

Rocky roused an industry often stifled by dogged nostalgia through his fierce dedication to quality. With avant-garde tobacco blends, wrapped in unparalleled charisma and a smooth modern flare. By studying the greats, like Davidoff and Fuente. He has managed a near flawless amalgam of exceptional craftsmanship, compelling flavor experiences, and an effortless cool.

The Rocky Patel story began in the 1990s, working as an entertainment and products liability lawyer in bustling Los Angeles.

During the Cigar Boom, beginning in 1992. There was a massive increase across the United States in consumer and cultural interest in premium cigars. With the establishment of the Cigar Aficionado magazine, and with the help of television personalities and celebrities. Like William Shatner, magnates and the blue collar working man alike began a love affair with premium cigars.

It was at this time Rocky was introduced to cigars by a friend, and from then his passion was insatiable. He became one of the founding members of the exclusive Grand Havana Club in Los Angeles—but it was not enough.

In 1996, in spite of the derision by friends and colleagues for what they viewed as inanity. Rocky Patel introduced Indian Tabac Cigar Co. at Retail Tobacco Dealers of America (RTDA) in Cincinnati, Ohio. In a market saturated with upstart boutique manufacturers.

Indian Tabac Cigar Co. proved to be a success. With droves of people flocking to the booth to get their hands on the bold new cigars. The blends were one of a kind, the packages were vibrant. While there were many new comers, none quite had the je ne sais quoi that Rocky Patel brought to the table.

The Indian Tabac line established Rocky Patel as a force to be contended with in the premium cigar world. With several iconic offerings, including the trendsetting Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Gorilla.

One of the biggest cigars on the market in the 2000s at 6 x 58. Credited with spawning the cigar trend toward big-ring gauges. Indian Tabac held a strong following up to the retirement of the line in 2015.

While Indian Tabac is no longer in production, Rocky Patel is far from done making unprecedented premium cigars. Rocky takes inspiration from well established players like Davidoff. Building on them with his alchemic obsession with finding the perfect blends of tobacco from regions around the world.

His entries have consistently been ranked above a score of 90, and among the top ten lists of publications and critics. Every line, every cigar, by Rocky Patel offers a distinct, exciting flavor. An experience that is an event from the first light to the final third.


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