For those who have been following Hamlet’s artistry and his journey with Rocky Patel, as well as those who want a well-balanced and refined cigar that liberates the senses, be sure to add some Tabaquero by Hamlet cigars to your super-premium cigar collection.
Hamlet Paredes of Rocky Patel was one of Cuba’s most sought after rollers, a lot of the time traveling internationally to do in-store rolling demonstrations. Rocky Patel helped Hamlet and his family escape Cuba to come to the US, and now Hamlet is releasing his first cigar for Rocky, Tabaquero by Hamlet Paredes.
Hamlet had never touched non-Cuban tobacco before working for Rocky at his Burn Lounge in Naples, Florida, and was very excited about the potential for extracting flavor and richness from these new leaves.
With all gold hidden beneath this sticks, the answer to the question of “to buy, or not to buy?” should be most obvious.
*Hamlet Paredes has received an impressive 90-rating by Cigar Aficionado*

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