Who doesn’t love to pair their favorite cigars with their favorite seasons? Every cigar smoker will tell you their favorite cigar and their favorite season is the best! “You wanna hear the real story, I’m the one you wanna talk to!” -Jersey Boys

Back in 2008, Rocky Patel Premium Cigars launched its Seasonal Series – a series of limited-edition cigars to coincide with each of the four seasons. This included the Spring Collection, Summer Collection, Autumn Collection, and Winter Collection. During that time, the Winter Collection emerged as the star of the series.

Winter is coming – not with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, but with Rocky Patel’s latest iteration of Winter Collection.

The Rocky Patel Winter Collection is crafted by hand with a full-bodied blend of tobacco that is sure to keep you happy and warm for the winter.

Based on previous Winter Collection releases, it’s hard to say exactly how long this tasty gem will be around – grab yours at a nice, cool price!

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