The Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 cigar is known to be Rocky Patel’s favorite cigar! Known for its rich body with a spicy tone the Vintage ’92 is made up of Ligero tobacco, which is the top part of the tobacco plant known for its thick and full-bodied leaves. Aged for eight to nine years, the Vintage 1992 Cigar is incredibly smooth, clean and elegant exhibiting some well-balanced character and flavor.
Rocky’s expertise in blending tobaccos from various regions requires a greater level of skill and knowledge, not found in other cigars. The result is an intense marriage of flavors that produces a great tasting cigar. Rocky’s process is very time-consuming, going through hundreds of blends before he settles on the perfect blend.
Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 received an epic 92-rating from Cigar Aficionado magazine in the December 2012 & October 2018 issues!

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