Trinidad Cigars offer a burst of Caribbean inspired flavors! Building on the nostalgic blends of the golden era of tobacco, Trinidad Cigars are sure to please. With two blends in the hotly demanded Espiritu line, Trinidad is quickly turning heads.

Inspired by the 60s and 70s era cigars, Trinidad sought to recreate that unique experience that defined tobacco for so many smokers. Starting with a Nicaraguan puro for its first outing, the Espiritu Series No. 1 became a fast favorite.

The blend was loved by regular smokers and critics alike. With Cigar Aficionado awarding one of its vitolas a prime 90 point rating. Complimenting its unique combination of notes of red meat, licorice, caramel, pepper, and toasted marshmallow.

When coming up with a follow up, Trinidad went above and beyond. The Espiritu Series No. 2 utilized a mix of aged Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobacco. All rolled into a decadent Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper.

The results were a rousing success. Scoring multiple 90 point ratings from Cigar Aficionado. Who knows what Trinidad will create next? Smokers are all waiting with rapt attention.


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