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Smoking a cigar that successfully finds the balance between boldness and distinct flavor is hard to come by. The Camacho Connecticut Series combines both of these traits well, giving the cigar aficionado a mild, smooth smoke, but one that packs a spicy kick to it.
Loaded with rich flavors from Generoso and Aléman Ligero tobaccos, bound by the legendary strength of their Original Corojo, and wrapped in a high-grade Connecticut leaf grown in Ecuador, this is one cigar with an intense flavor that backs down to no one. From the moment you ignite a Camacho Connecticut, you will experience intense levels of creaminess, which, when combined with the authentic Corojo binder, helps to round out the hints of spiciness that show through. In fact Cigar Aficionado loved it so much that they gave it a 90 rating in their October 2014 edition.
Connecticut is Camacho’s “Utility Cigar”, like a Swiss Army knife. It comes equipped with all the tools needed to satisfy the palette of everyone from the most experienced cigar aficionado to the new kids on the block looking to get their foot in the door with a great tasting, well balanced blend. It’s the cigar that can satisfy anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Pair this cigar with your favorite cup of Joe in the morning for that early smooth sensation, or if you are coming back from links with a few friends, bust a few of these Camacho Connecticut’s out and pour a few glasses of whiskey for that Friday afternoon delight. It truly can’t get any better than this.

The Camacho Connecticut Series – The only tool you’ll ever need.

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