Camacho Triple Maduro 60×6




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This is the one. The world’s only all-Maduro cigar. The infamous black leaf through and through. Dark, rich, and full-on flavor. It’s our big, bold smoke. For our big, bold smokers. Want in? Then right this way……The Camacho Triple Maduro – The world’s only all-Maduro cigar
The Camacho Triple Maduro is truly one of the worlds greatest. Its innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers. At Mike’s Cigars we strive to bring you innovation through collaboration. Now with the Camacho Triple Maduro from Davidoff, the world’s only all-Maduro cigar, we bring innovation to your smoking den. The triangle shaped Camacho Triple Maduro is like no other cigar out. Delivering full unique flavors, the Triple Maduro brings the passion that you’d expect from a Camacho cigar to life. There’s a reason why it’s a one of a kind cigar, it takes a tremendous amount of patience and an immeasurable amount of skill to construct these Camacho Triple Maduros from scratch. Blending multiple Maduro tobaccos are not an easy task to accomplish. That is what makes this Camacho so special and unique. It took Camacho and Davidoff numerous tries in order to get the right combination. One wrong step and you could be left with a cigar that has poor combustion or even worse, the taste you expect to have is absent. Luckily neither will happen with this Camacho.The Camacho Triple Maduro starts with a San Andres Maduro wrapper grown in Mexico, a dark chocolate color complexion with minimal veins give this cigar bold beauty. The binder is an authentic Corojo Maduro, finishing off with Honduran, Dominican Republic, and Brazilian fillers. Upon ignition of the Camacho Maduro, you’ll notice woodsy notes that are intertwined with chocolate and coffee bean. This combination gives the Camacho Maduro a full, smooth smoke while retaining a great creamy aftertaste.
Like all the new items coming out for Camacho by Davidoff, these Camacho Maduros come in a brand new coffin. An all black high gloss finished case with a felt underbelly, finishing off the box with the new laser cut insignia on top and the new Camacho logo as well. The Camacho Triple Maduro is a must have for the cigar aficionado in you. This full bodied smoke is the result of a full years worth of blending and fine tuning. Rest assured, this Camacho will leave you satisfied for many years to come. This Camacho is truly built bold, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Order a box online today from Mike’s Cigars or stop by our store in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida and find out what all the commotion is about!Camacho – Built Bold

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